Quick telehealth enablement for small to mid-size practices

Connetix Health partners with industry leading telehealth platform providers to enable telehealth for your practice in less than a week (as little as one day!). We use industry leading products that run alongside your current systems in what we call a “side-car” configuration. This enables rapid implementation, with appropriate modifications to your workflow to enable video visits while continuing use of your existing system (practice management and EHR).

  1. Patients use a web-based automated scheduling tool to select an available appointment. You control the availability schedule. The telehealth calendar is automatically updated
  2. Instructions are sent to the patient, and notifications are sent to the front office and optionally the provider
  3. At the time of the appointment, the patient checks in with the front office through a video visit. After check-in, the patient is placed in queue to see the practitioner through a video session. Optionally, after the visit, the patient visits the front office for checking out

The front office and clinical staff use the same systems that they use today (practice management, electronic health record systems).

The Easiest “Go Live” Ever

Our Rapid Telehealth implementation is fast and extremely low risk, because we don’t change the clinical workflow or your existing systems. We focus on the essentials, and do it right, quickly.

Starting with a free consultation, we match our workflow and web site templates to your specific needs. We configure the patient scheduling system and telehealth platform for the administrators and clinicians you designate. We jointly test the combined solution until you are comfortable. We help you update your web site to include a new telehealth link and web page. Then, you go live and start seeing patients remotely!

Patient engagement is key to success

A proactive engagement program is essential to the success of your telehealth initiative. If your patients don’t know about your practice’s telehealth capabilities, you need to reach out to them. Rest assured, other practices and the single purpose telehealth companies surely are making their presence known, and are determined to service your patients’ needs. We provide web site content and will coordinate with your web site manager. We can even make the changes for most standardized platform. We will also help you reach out proactively to your patients through email or text messaging. A good rule of thumb is to notify patients that have gone 6 months without a visit. We will help you reach them to enable telehealth visits at the right time.

For a list of supported telehealth platform providers, see https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k6IflDc-cUfU85S2EkDAm5SHWqWltuoxevX08fiApo4/edit. Our standard implementation uses Doxy.me, but if you have a preferred platform, we can work with that vendor.