Are you searching for the right solution to plug into your broader healthcare technology environment? Our solution components, described below, can enhance and optimize your digital health capabilities. For each building block, we offer a broad range of services and deployment options to meet your needs. All solutions are cloud based using HIPAA compliant services.

FHIR/C-CDA Health Records Repository

The health records repository powering mCharts can enable your healthcare business to manage records for you or on your patient’s behalf. Cloud-hosted using HIPAA compliant services, our health record repository is scalable, and resilient, and accepts and delivers health records in industry standard format (FHIR or C-CDA). The included API enables integration with any system, and with enables analytics, patient engagement, and interoperability.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our platform automatically collects data from wearables and home health devices. We support popular wearables including Apple Health, Garmin, Fitbit, and Google Health-enabled devices. We provide a patient consent facility, then house the data in our secure cloud. We deliver data and analytics to support your health and wellness programs.

Health Assistant/Personal Health Record

Our health assistant and personal health record application mCharts is fully white-labelled, so you can offer a full solution to your patients and have it presented with your branding and messaging. mCharts is a full featured foundation for programs in health management, disease management, remote patient monitoring, and chronic care management.

Integration Engine

Healthcare data can be rich and complex. Our integration engine is flexible and robust, and can handle the most demanding data movement and transformation.

Mobile Healthcare Surveys

Our Mobile Healthcare Survey solution lets you design surveys for patient questionnaires and self-assessments. Surveys can be administered through a variety of channels, including mobile phone SMS, email, and native mobile app.

Telehealth Implementation

Connetix Health offers a complete line of Telehealth enablement for rapid implementation for medium and small practices. Please see Telehealth.