mCharts Health Assistant & Patient Engagement Platform

mCharts is the first “visual health record” that automatically collects health data from home devices, wearables, and healthcare providers. We’re democratizing health records by asserting patient HIPAA rights to records, on a massive scale. Patient ownership changes the balance of power in Healthcare for the better.

For providers, mCharts enables chronic care management and remote patient monitoring for improved health of patients and increased revenue for the practice.

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Digital Health enablement powered by data

Today’s consumer-patient expects a personal healthcare journey that embraces their lifestyle and healthcare needs. We enable a fully connected experience using wearables and home health devices, augmented by timely self-assessments delivered via mobile phone. Our augmented intelligence system identifies care gaps and influences patients towards concrete behavioral and health improvement, for better outcomes with reduced cost.

Whether you need a complete solution, or are filling gaps, click below to see our suite of solution components.

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Healthcare Interoperability and Technology Solutions

With over 30 years of consulting experience, we’ve helped some of the largest healthcare systems make new use of their data for improved outcomes and cost savings. We specialize in solutions architecture, data management, cloud architecture, cloud migration, and interoperability. We help you design and implement cloud-based, scalable, highly secure, health applications that integrate seamlessly across your systems.

We connect your systems using FHIR, C-CDA, HL7v2, and countless standard and custom data formats and protocols.

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Health Technology Strategy and Implementation

Connetix Health brings expertise from 3 decades of technology design, implementation, and support of large companies across many industries, with special focus on Healthcare.  With deep expertise in  interoperability, data management, and informatics, Connetix Health helps you connect and enhance systems to achieve new business value.

Connetix Health practices what it preaches with its industry leading personal health record application, mCharts.  We encourage you to look at mCharts, and if you are attempting to similarly integrate information sources to deliver information through a secure, cloud-based application, then we can help you achieve that more efficiently than you could ever imagine.  Contact us to start a discussion on how we can help.

mCharts enables a chronic care management program with new reimbursement codes for your practice

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We understand the complexities of your system and their impact to patient safety and quality. Let us assist in creating great solutions for more efficient care and better outcomes. Contact us now for a free consultation.